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Our Services

Many businesses pay more than they need to for phone service - simply because they aren't aware that there are better options. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need advanced features - such as intelligent call routing, find me / follow-me call forwarding, and voicemail-to-email forwarding but think you can’t afford them?

  • Does your business have multiple offices with separate phone systems- and phone bills - at each one?

  • Are you paying too much for long distance calls?

  • Would you like to cut your monthly phone costs? provides award winning Cloud-Based Telephone Services, Business Phone Systems, Voip dial tone VoIP Phones and Hosted PBX’s to businesses in both Small to Mid-Sized Businesses and Enterprise Level Markets. As a VoIP SIP Service Provider, begins with a complimentary customer ROI Review to determine a client’s current voice / data operating costs, service configurations and requirements. The company then prepares a plan that will reduce costs, improve all services by removing old technology while upgrading to new and improved cost efficient technology and phones.

How Can We Reduce Your Phone Bill?

We save our customers money in several ways, including free calling between branch offices, reduced monthly charges for phone lines, unlimited local calling, bundled long distance calling, and low-cost 800 numbers. We even include unlimited voice mail, auto attendants, and conference calling.

In addition, our service includes complete business continuity protection and 24 / 7 / 365 management and monitoring of your telephone system and service - all while saving you money!

Are You Ready?

We can show you how to reduce your phone bill and upgrade your phone system - typically for less than you currently pay for your phone bill alone.

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Our Services

Hosted Voice

We make it simple to have access to the latest calling and conference features through our Hosted Voice Services. Our turnkey solutions are designed for your industry and office size and bundled in a way that’s affordable and easy to understand.

SIP Trunks

With our state-of-the-art SIP trunking you can finally replace your clunky traditional trunking equipment. The Segra SIP trunking is a virtual trunk that integrates your voice and data traffic to radically streamline your communications operations. It scales easily with minimal hardware so that you can effortlessly expand your call capacity as your business grows.

IP Fax

Business is still conducted over fax machines. With Segra’s IP Fax you can quickly and easily migrate fax machines from analog phone lines without sacrificing reliable fax delivery. Using a supplied ATA device, fax machines are easily connected to the internet service, bypassing the need for dedicated analog phone lines, expensive fax board hardware or dedicated fax servers.

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          Phones, Phones, Phones


Experienced with over 39 years of business phone installation & support under our belt. While we can’t claim to have seen it all we’ve seen quite a bit over the years. Let us leverage our expertise to stretch the most out of your telecommunication dollars.

Knowledgeable in the latest technologies, we’ve done the research so you can enjoy the most advanced features at a fraction of the cost. Just take a look at our feature-rich and reasonability priced plans.

Trustworthy we count our Customer Success one story at a time. At we want to be your telecommunication partner for life by providing outstanding service and support each and every day.

Unsure of what phone system suits your business best? Don't worry, get in touch with us today to discuss the right solution for your business.

Ready to streamline your communications and maximize your business potential? Fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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